Small form reader enabling mobile desktop logon, secure print and more.
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Transform computers and printers for mobile access in seconds

The SABRE USB marries convenience, high-security authentication, and information protection into a simple tap of a smart device on your computer or printer. Designed to work with what you already have such as Active Directory, Windows Hello, Linux, Citrix, Virtual Desktops, MacOS and other environments, the upgrade from traditional authentication to virtual credentials with the SABRE USB is easy.

CCID Compliant

Natively supported by Windows, MAC and Linux with no requirement to install additional device drivers.

Supports Multiple Emulation Modes

Can be firmware enabled to run as a smart card reader or in keyboard wedge mode for custom applications.

Configurable Range

Can be configured for individual environments with adjustable connection and disconnection range.

Small Form Factor

Small form factor makes the SABRE USB suitable for mobile users with laptops.

Learn more about how the SABRE USB can add mobility to your workplace.

Secure, simple and convenient logical access

There is no configuration or additional set up required on the USB once it is plugged into the device. Administrators simply need to register the USB sensor to an Identity System in the Credential Manager and installation of the SABRE is complete.


Locate the USB port

Find any spare USB port on your computer or printer to plug the SABRE USB into.


Plug in the SABRE USB

Press the SABRE USB into place. The operating system will recognize the USB as a CCID compliant smart card reader.


Ready to go!

The SABRE USB can now be registered in the Safetrust Credential Manager for use within the organization.