The simple, cost-effective upgrade that brings your connected and disconnected electronic locks into the mobile era
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Upgrade your readers, not your entire system.

The SABRE RELAY is a combination Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) reader with access controller management capabilities. Ideally suited for parking garages, remote buildings and single door offices where no existing cabling or reader infrastructure exists, the RELAY module enables users to gain access using Virtual Credentials stored inside the Safetrust Wallet.

Streamline End-User Experience

Consolidate all your credentials into one secure, convenient location in the Safetrust Wallet app.

Mobile Support For Electronic Locks

Transform your connected and disconnected electronic locks with Bluetooth to enable access with Safetrust virtual credentials.

OTA Configuration

Firmware updates and configuration management can be made over-the-air through the Safetrust Wallet or WiFi module.

IoT Data Analytics

Standards based MQTT interface enables high-volume IoT data to be sent from supported devices to an authorised broker.

Check out our install guide for the SABRE RELAY and see how simple it is to get started with Safetrust virtual credentials.