FREMONT, CA – May 1, 2024 – In an industry first, Safetrust now provisions employee and visitor badges directly into Apple Wallet via an email link or text message, eliminating the need to download an application. This innovative app-free approach ensures a seamless experience for people requiring access to buildings or enterprise IT systems, whether visitors, contractors, or employees. It enables the deployment of mobile credentials in minutes rather than months.

“A major barrier to adopting mobile phones for building access has been requiring people to download multiple apps on their iPhones to enter different buildings with various hardware providers,” explained Jason Hart, CEO and Founder of Safetrust. “This app download insanity has increased complexity and costs, resulting in a poor user experience. Safetrust addresses this challenge by enabling the direct push of physical access credentials into the Apple Wallet via text message or email links, streamlining the user experience. Safetrust’s use of universally compatible credentials across multiple hardware vendors significantly reduces adoption costs for organizations.”

Removing the need for mobile applications eliminates the expenses associated with developing, maintaining, and certifying new applications for credential provisioning. Operational support and InfoSec become much simpler when users are not required to install additional software on their mobile devices for credential provisioning.

Employee and visitor badges stored in Apple Wallet possess the same high security and policy compliance levels. This includes features such as support for biometric authentication via Face ID and Touch ID, utilization of the Apple Secure Element even in low-power situations, remote revocation of credentials, and compatibility with external biometric-on-card solutions, among other functionalities.

Safetrust’s over-the-air provisioning solution supports a range of functionalities, including full-time and time-limited credentials, visitor and contractor scheduling with start and expiry times, and enterprise login with FIDO2 credentials, ensuring flexibility and security.

For more information, visit and join us for an informative webinar on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Safetrust will showcase how employee and visitor badges are directly provisioned into Apple Wallet through email or text, eliminating the app download requirement.

About Safetrust

Safetrust offers a comprehensive managed ecosystem that enables highly secure global identities to be deployed while enhancing the access experience in modern workplaces. Employees can securely navigate through various access points, such as secure doors, elevators, and turnstiles, by utilizing virtual credentials that can be conveniently stored in mobile phones or wearables. 

Safetrust eliminates the need to replace access readers by leveraging existing infrastructure, allowing centralized device management and providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade path to secure virtual credentials. Safetrust also offers a network-enabled reader with advanced sensor capabilities that blend conventional RFID and mobile credential technology, specifically designed for greenfield buildings. To learn more about how Safetrust can enhance your workplace’s secure managed ecosystem, visit

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