Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Access instantly. All on your iPhone or Apple Watch.

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Unlock the Benefits of Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

Effortless Setup

Deploy your access credentials in Apple Wallet with ease. Seamlessly integrate with your existing access control systems and effortlessly manage your staff, contractors and visitors.

Enjoy a Smooth User Experience

Employee badge in Apple Wallet provides users with an interoperable access experience utilizing their iPhone or Apple Watch for things like door access, secure print, vending and more.

Protect Your User Data

With employee badge in Apple Wallet, utilize the full benefits of iPhone and Apple Watch's privacy and security features to ensure your access is always protected.

Simplify Management

Forget the time and cost of printing physical badges and effortlessly issue and manage your employee badge in Apple Wallet remotely, across your entire ecosystem.

Over-the-Air Provisioning to Apple Wallet

Safetrust introduces a seamless solution for provisioning employee and visitor badges directly into Apple Wallet. Without downloading an application, this innovative approach marks a significant leap forward in access control technology.

No apps, no hassle – just seamless access to buildings and IT systems.

Access Instantly, With Your iPhone and Apple Watch

  • With employee badge in Apple Wallet on iPhone or Apple Watch, tenants, staff, and guests can enter and leave their corporate spaces without a physical key. That’s one less thing to carry.
  • With Express Mode, you don’t need to wake or unlock your iPhone or Apple Watch to use your employee badge in Apple Wallet
  • Get in, even when your iPhone needs a charge! Power Reserve provides up to five hours of access, so you can still get inside!
Access Instantly, With Your iPhone and Apple Watch
Privacy and Security of iPhone Built In

Privacy and Security of iPhone Built In

  • Employee badge in Apple Wallet is stored on the device, which means Apple doesn’t see the places your tenants and their staff and guests access, so data is private and secure.
  • If a user misplaces their iPhone or Apple Watch, they can use the Find My app to lock and help locate their device and suspend their badge or remotely erase the device and their badge.
  • Badge readers can use Face ID or Touch ID on iPhone to provide additional security for spaces that require it. — never on Apple servers.

Safetrust Differentiators

Safetrust introduces a seamless solution for provisioning employee and visitor badges directly into Apple Wallet. This innovative app-free approach ensures a seamless experience for people requiring access to buildings or enterprise IT systems, whether visitors, contractors, or employees.

Safetrust’s approach distinguishes itself through an open data model, enabling the use of credentials across different vendors. What sets it apart is the inclusion of customer key management, providing independent encryption key control. The online functionality supports multiple keysets and key management, ensuring a robust system with auditing and event monitoring capabilities.

Unlike other solutions, Safetrust’s integration is not bound to a single vendor, reducing deployment costs by offering compatibility with numerous readers. This flexibility allows businesses to choose the vendor that aligns with their specific requirements, resulting in a cost-effective and efficient solution.

Safetrust’s commitment to offering a versatile mobile access solution is unique. Whether it’s NFC credentials, BLE, traditional cards, or a hybrid approach, Safetrust provides customers with the flexibility to choose according to their preferences.

Safetrust goes a step further by providing a rich SDK integration for embedding Apple Wallet into custom applications. The robust connector infrastructure facilitates seamless onboarding and offboarding through IT, HR, and access control systems.


What is Apple Wallet and how does it connect to my company badge?

Apple Wallet is an app for iPhones and Apple Watches that lets you digitally store various items like cards, tickets, and keys. It replaces the need for a physical wallet. By adding your company badge to Apple Wallet, you can easily use your iPhone or Apple Watch to access your workplace facilities, such as unlocking turnstiles, elevators, or doors.

What are the benefits of Employee Badge in Apple Wallet?
  • Convenient access: Tap your iPhone to the card reader without opening an app or
    tapping a button.
  • Battery power backup: iPhone’s Express Mode provides up to five hours of access even
    if the battery runs out.
  • Faster technology: Uses Near Field Communication (NFC) for quicker transactions than
    other mobile technologies.
  • Easy tracking: Track your lost or stolen mobile phone through the ‘Find My’
  • Enhanced security: Users notice immediately when they lose their phone, reducing
    security risks and unauthorized access. Lost iPhones can be remotely revoked by
    contacting your system administrator.
  • Remote distribution: Mobile credentials can be instantly distributed to access secured areas, providing a touch-free solution and a better user experience.
How do I add my access credentials to my Apple Wallet?

To add your access credentials to your Apple Wallet, you can follow these steps:

  1. Install the Safetrust Wallet app on your iPhone. You can find it on the App Store.
  2. Once the app is installed, open it and sign in with your credentials. If you don’t have an account, you may need to create one.
  3. After signing in, locate the option to add an Apple Access Pass or a digital credential. This may be found in the app’s settings or within a specific section dedicated to adding passes.
  4. Follow the prompts provided by the app to add your access credentials.
  5. Once you have successfully added the access credentials to the Safetrust Wallet app, they should automatically appear in your Apple Wallet. You can verify this by opening the Wallet app on your iPhone.
Is it necessary to have the Apple Wallet open for Apple Access to grant access to a door?

No, you do not have to have your Apple Wallet open. When you present your iPhone to an IoT Sensor within a distance of 10 cm, the Apple Wallet automatically triggers and displays the Apple Access pass.

Are Safetrust readers set up to enable Employee Badge in Apple Wallet?

Yes, Safetrust IoT Sensors enable employee badge access through the Apple Wallet.

What is the range of Apple Access Wallet when using an IoT sensor?

The range of Apple Wallet is between 4 and 10 cm.

Will Apple Access work on my Apple Watch?

Yes, it can. If you have a valid credential on the Apple Wallet application on your iPhone and your Apple Watch paired to your iPhone.

Can I use Apple Access on my Apple Watch without having my iPhone nearby?

Yes, you can use Apple Access on your Apple Watch independently without requiring your iPhone to be present.

What do I do if I lose or misplace my Apple iPhone?

If you have misplaced your mobile device, please contact your system administrator to deactivate your Employee Badge.

If I leave my current company, will the credential in my Apple Wallet still work?

No, the credential in your Apple Wallet will no longer work if the administrator takes action to deactivate it. This can happen if you leave the company or if the administrator chooses to revoke your access.

What should I do if I encounter issues using my Apple Wallet credential at a door?
  1. Verify Pass Availability: Open the Apple Wallet app and ensure that the Pass information is still accessible.
  2. Improve Tap Proximity: Attempt to tap your phone closer to the door’s NFC reader to ensure a good NFC connection.
  3. Reach out to Door Contact Person: If the previous steps don’t resolve the issue, contact the relevant door contact person or system’s administrator for assistance.
What about privacy? Who will see the details of when I came to the office or left?

The Employee Badge in Apple Wallet maximizes the utilization of privacy and security functionalities embedded within the iPhone and Apple Watch. The user’s device securely stores the Employee Badge, ensuring the privacy and security of the data.

How is the security of the mobile card ensured? What measures are in place to protect the Employee Badge in Apple Wallet and enhance physical security at the office building or workplace?

The Employee Badge in Apple Wallet incorporates advanced security features and is safeguarded through biometrics (Touch ID, Face ID) or a PIN code.

What happens if my iPhone needs to be charged?

Even if your iPhone needs to be charged, your employee badge in Apple Wallet will continue to function using Power Reserve. Power Reserve offers up to five hours of access, ensuring you can still use your badge to enter.

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