FREMONT, CA – December 11, 2023 – Safetrust, a leading provider of secure virtual credential solutions, today announced the integration of an employee badge in Apple Wallet. This integration empowers businesses to seamlessly incorporate employee badges into Apple Wallet, providing a secure and efficient way to access buildings, elevators, and other amenities without traditional physical badges.

Unlike other solutions, Safetrust’s approach is built on an open data model, enabling customers to employ credentials across different vendors. It uniquely includes customer key management, allowing independent encryption key control. Moreover, its online functionality facilitates the utilization of multiple keysets and key management, accompanied by auditing and event monitoring to track credential usage across various access points such as doors, printers, kiosks, and rooms. 

A distinctive feature of Safetrust’s offering is that customers maintain ownership of their keys, permitting key exchange with vendors of their choice. This solution further supports multi-vendor compatibility, reducing deployment costs using a single credential with numerous vendors’ readers.

“Partnering with Apple over the past several years, starting with their Apple Value-Added Services (VAS) program and now extending to their Apple Access program, has been incredibly rewarding,” said Jason Hart, Founder and CEO of Safetrust. “We are delighted to provide our customers with a versatile mobile access solution, offering a range of convenient options. Whether it’s NFC credentials, BLE, traditional cards, or a hybrid approach, our customers now have the flexibility to choose according to their preferences. At Safetrust, we take pride in supporting this diverse array of credentials, demonstrating our commitment to catering to our customer’s evolving needs.”

Notably, Safetrust’s solution includes a rich SDK integration for embedding Apple Wallet into custom applications and a robust connector infrastructure for seamless onboarding and offboarding via IT, HR, and access control systems. Adding to its capabilities, Safetrust’s solution integrates employee badges with Apple Wallet through the Safetrust Wallet mobile app. Installation and badge incorporation are simplified as users merely install the app and tap “Add to Wallet.”

Utilizing an iPhone or Apple Watch near a Safetrust IoT Sensor, individuals can unlock doors, trigger printing, access vending machines, and more. The solution offers convenient features like Express Mode for quick access, a power reserve for low iPhone battery scenarios, and the ability to remotely disable a badge via Apple’s FindMy app for heightened security if one’s phone is lost or misplaced.

Administrators benefit from streamlined badge management in Apple Wallet, enabling remote distribution and revocation within seconds, eliminating the need for physical cards. Privacy and security are paramount, as employee badge data remains exclusively on the user’s device during Apple Wallet transactions.

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About Safetrust

Safetrust offers a comprehensive managed ecosystem that enables highly secure global identities to be deployed while enhancing the access experience in modern workplaces. Employees can securely navigate through various access points, such as secure doors, elevators, and turnstiles, by utilizing virtual credentials that can be conveniently stored in mobile phones or wearables. 

Safetrust eliminates the need to replace access readers by leveraging existing infrastructure, allowing centralized device management and providing a fast, cost-effective upgrade path to secure virtual credentials. Safetrust also offers a network-enabled reader with advanced sensor capabilities that blend conventional RFID and mobile credential technology, specifically designed for greenfield buildings. To learn more about how Safetrust can enhance your workplace’s secure managed ecosystem, visit

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