FREMONT, CA – June 1, 2022 – Safetrust, Inc. today announced that Telaeris XPressEntry handheld badge readers now include full support for Safetrust Virtual Credentials. The technology integration enables Telaeris customers to authenticate to an XPressEntry device using virtual credentials stored in their Safetrust Wallet application. 

“This integration extends the security and convenience of Safetrust Virtual Credentials beyond fixed doors to anywhere and everywhere the customer needs it,” said Gary Hammer, EVP Business Development at Safetrust. “With support for existing badges, biometrics and now virtual credentials from Safetrust, Telaeris customers can set up virtual doors on-the-go, and validate the credentials of people with the one item they will never leave home without ⁠— their smartphones.” 

Security guards using an XPressEntry device can authenticate Safetrust Virtual Credentials from anywhere and for a wide range of applications, from employees clocking in on buses that take them to the workplace, to roving guards validating employee badges at an airport, to remote gates and muster stations that can help identify employees, and more. Upon the scan of the Safetrust Wallet, XPressEntry handhelds check permission to secure areas, conveniently displaying the user’s name, a photo of the user and an ‘Access Granted’ or ‘Access Denied’ message. 

“Mobile badge credentials provide new levels of convenience and security for both employees and physical security professionals,” said Dr. David Carta, Chief Executive Officer, Telaeris. “Telaeris is proud to work with innovative, mobile-oriented companies like Safetrust, providing industry-leading secure virtual credential solutions.”

Safetrust credentials are available to Telaeris customers worldwide. For more information on this and other integration solutions supported by Safetrust, visit

About Telaeris

Founded in 2005, Telaeris, Inc. is a US-based software company, specializing in handheld and hands-free safety and physical security solutions to enhance access control and occupancy tracking systems. Telaeris’ XPressEntry is a hardware and software solution that seamlessly integrates with any industry-leading access control system, providing fixed, kiosk, and handheld devices capable of reading any badge technology, biometrics, and facial recognition. For more information, please visit

About Safetrust

Safetrust delivers a touchless access experience that modernizes the new workplace to be secure, integrated and convenient. Using virtual credentials stored in mobile phones or wearables, Safetrust enables employees to move seamlessly through secured doors, elevators, turnstiles and more. Safetrust eliminates the need to replace access readers by leveraging existing infrastructure, providing a fast, cost-effective, and convenient upgrade path to touchless virtual credentials. Safetrust is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, visit

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