FREMONT – October 09, 2017 – Safetrust , a pioneer in mobile identity technology solutions, announces SafeLogon a solution which marries convenience, high-security authentication, and information protection into a simple tap of a smartphone on your computer.

With SafeLogon, a person taps their phone against their computer to perform a safe and secure login to their desktop, active directory, web site, banking site, email, VPN or remote desktop.  Using existing authentication protocols and systems organizations have, SafeLogon emulates one or multiple credentials from the person’s phone to complete the authentication governed by corporate policy.  

Further, when the person leaves the vicinity of their computer, their sessions are logged off or suspended to prevent unauthorized use.  SafeLogon introduces native encryption and decryption using industry standards such as NIST 800-73 allowing file, disk, email, and information encryption to take place using the authorized phone as the secure mobile smartcard.

“SafeLogon was developed to address the constant battle between security and convenience and do so in a way that is extremely cost effective for an organization to deploy,” said Jason Hart, CEO at Safetrust. “Mobile devices are our constant companions and with their immense processing power, communication systems, and convenient identity features which have made them the versatile convenient multi factor, multi standard identity authenticator.”

Existing Systems. SafeLogon is designed to work with what you already have such as Active Directory, Windows Hello, Linux, Citrix, Virtual Desktops, MacOS and other environments.  SafeLogon emulates multiple industry protocols by introducing standards such as NIST SP800-73 allowing it to work with no or little modification in most corporate environments.

Designed to evolve. The industry continues to develop new methods for authentication and information encryption, unlike traditional offline hardware smartcards or tokens, SafeLogon evolves with “over the air” updates to its credential wallet allowing new forms of authentication and information protection to be supported in a transparent way to the end user.

Physical and Logical Access.  SafeLogon works with SafeAccess to provide a single seamless experience for end users who will use their phone to open their building doors and use the same wallet and business policy engine for gaining access to logical resources.

Convenience vs Security.  With SafeLogon you don’t have to compromise, have both.  Traditional passwords are convenient but insecure, smartcards can be secure but inconvenient, with SafeLogon we take the best of high security systems like digital certificates, FIPS 201, one time password systems and others and combine it into a simple and portable experience for the end user.

Simplicity. With a simple tap of your phone on your computer and entering of an optional fingerprint on your phone or PIN, your desktop can sign you into your web site or corporate network.  By enabling standard disk encryption products like Microsoft BitLocker or NIST 800-73 compatible products your information and email can be protected using your phone as the secure key.

Future Proof.  Over the air credential lifecycle management provides rapid deployment for short and long term credentials making provisioning and deprovisioning of mobile credentials available in real time.

Business Policy. Organizations for the first time can apply business policy at a credential usage level independently of which system the mobile credential is being used on.  Businesses can define where and when a person may use a credential to authenticate or encrypt or decrypt organizational information.  Remote analytics of usage enable an organization to measure the usage and effectiveness of their mobile solution.  With integration into business intelligence systems organizations can for the first time correlate physical and logical events for better fraud detection and resource usage.

Don’t choose between security or convenience, have both with SafeLogon.