FREMONT, Calif. , October 16, 2018 – Safetrust Inc., a global pioneer in mobile identity solutions, today announced a distribution partnership with Tx Systems, an industry specialist and distributor of Smart Card and Identity Solutions. Leveraging Safetrust’s virtual smart cards, Tx Systems can offer the market an end-to-end solution that enables a seamless transition from traditional smart card and physical access cards to secure mobile devices.

Addressing the need for convenient and secure authentication, Safetrust’s virtual smart cards for iOS and Android enables access to physical and virtual resources for enterprises, governments and consumers, with no change to their existing smart card environments. The Safetrust SafeAccess and SafeLogon solutions are backward compatible with traditional physical access cards and smart cards, allowing Tx System’s customers to transition to mobility at their own pace.

“Our partnership with Safetrust allows Tx Systems to offer our customers a comprehensive, feature-rich security solution for mobility,” said Eric Gregg, Director of Sales, Tx Systems. “We are excited to bring Safetrust into our offering as they are one of the few solutions on the market that leverage mobile devices and BYOD as an authenticator for both physical and logical access.”

“Tx Systems is a smartcard industry veteran with extensive technical and deployment experience,” said Jason Hart, CEO, Safetrust Inc. “By combining their expertise with Safetrust’s next generation of mobile identities, we are allowing organisations to use mobile devices alongside or as replacements for traditional door access cards, smart cards, key fobs and passwords.”

Safetrust’s award winning mobile access solution is available now from Tx Systems.  For more information, visit

About Tx Systems Inc.

Tx Systems is the leading distributor of Smart Card and Identity Solutions from the industry’s top manufacturers. Specialising in Smart Card Systems for commercial and government applications, their professional services include consulting and custom software development for NFC Applications, Government ID Cards, and a variety of Enterprise Solutions.

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About Safetrust

Safetrust is a global pioneer in physical and logical identity solutions that allow people to identify themselves electronically, gain access to online and physical resources, and protect their privacy by leveraging industry standards and protocols.

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