Fremont, CA, August 04, 2020 – Safetrust Inc, a world-leader in virtual credential solutions, today announced a technology partnership with ELATEC to provide customers with a secure, touchless authentication solution for ELATEC’s TWN4 MultiTech family of BLE readers. The technology integration enables ELATEC customers to gain mobile access using virtual credentials stored in their Safetrust Wallet application. 

“Our customers increasingly want to accommodate staff smartphones which have proliferated in their BYOD organizations,” said Paul Massey, CEO, ELATEC Inc. “Mobile credentials are secure, convenient and easy to use. Our “universal” RFID, NFC and BLE readers address the needs of companies looking for physical- or logical access solutions that work with mobile credentials such as those provided by Safetrust.” 

“Our partnership provides ELATEC customers with a dependable and fast mobile authentication solution for almost any environment,” said Jason Hart, CEO, Safetrust. “Virtual credentials from Safetrust will help customers eliminate community touch points, improve security, and ultimately provide an authentication solution that is simple and safe to use.” 

ELATEC customers can use the Safetrust Wallet to authenticate for a wide range of applications such as building access, secure print, single sign-on (SSO), vending and dispensing, vehicle fleet management, and other activities. With support for both existing RFID badges and virtual credentials from Safetrust, ELATEC customers can migrate to a touchless workplace at their own pace.

Safetrust credentials are available to ELATEC customers worldwide. For more information about how you can deploy ELATEC and Safetrust in your workplace, please register for one of our upcoming joint webinars here: Webinar Registration

About Safetrust

Safetrust delivers a touchless access experience that makes the new workplace secure, healthy and convenient. Using virtual credentials stored in your mobile phone or wearable, Safetrust enables employees to move seamlessly through secured doors, elevators, turnstiles and more. Safetrust eliminates the need to replace your existing readers by leveraging your existing infrastructure, providing a fast, cost-effective, and convenient upgrade path to touchless virtual credentials.

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ELATEC specializes in advanced, contactless user authentication and access control solutions. The company is an international leader in the field of multi-frequency/multi-standard RFID / NFC / BLE readers. The company was founded in 1988 and currently has sixteen locations worldwide.

ELATEC Inc’s headquarters are in Palm City, Florida and ELATEC GmbH’s headquarters are in Munich, Germany. 

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