FREMONT, CA – September 29, 2020Safetrust, a pioneer in virtual credential solutions, and AlertEnterprise Inc., the leading physical-logical security convergence software company, have entered into a strategic partnership to deliver next-generation digital access credentialing and controls — providing frictionless, safe and secure workspace access experience for employees, contingent workers and visitors.

The collaboration reinforces the new way businesses are defining smart and healthy workplaces — reimagining how people access physical spaces, virtual spaces and devices in this time of unprecedented change. With the integration of Safetrust and AlertEnterprise Solutions, organizations can establish centralized identity access governance, risk and compliance across their enterprise with secure digital credential options in addition to or instead of traditional badges.

“By combining Safetrust’s dynamic issuance and revocation of credentials and privileges with AlertEnterprise’s AI infrastructure and depth of understanding of business policies and practices, organizations can drastically improve timeliness, compliance and accountability,” said Jason Hart, CEO of Safetrust. “Companies can merge access to physical resources, such as specific office spaces, multiple parking garages, and corporate gyms, effectively creating a consistent experience for employees and peace of mind for organizations.”

Jasvir Gill, Founder and CEO of AlertEnterprise said: “Because of COVID-19, the demand for safe, seamless access to shared spaces is skyrocketing. We are excited about this collaboration with Safetrust as it will give our customers the ability to future-proof the workspace access experience during the pandemic and beyond. Physical Identity Access Governance combined with touchless mobile access technology is an integral part of the Future of Work.”

About Safetrust

Safetrust delivers a touchless access experience that modernizes the new workplace to be secure, integrated and convenient. Using virtual credentials stored in your mobile phone or wearable, Safetrust enables employees to move seamlessly through secured doors, elevators, turnstiles and more. Safetrust eliminates the need to replace your existing readers by leveraging your existing infrastructure, providing a fast, cost-effective, and convenient upgrade path to touchless virtual credentials. Safetrust is headquartered in Fremont, California. For more information, visit, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

About AlertEnterprise

At AlertEnterprise, digital identity and trust are at the center of everything we do. Our mission is to bring people, processes, data and technology together in a unique way to help organizations protect what matters most. We call it security convergence. We develop game-changing security convergence solutions that deliver identity governance, access management, security intelligence and compliance validation across enterprise IT, HR, cyber and physical security environments. For more information, visit

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