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Editor Introduction

The COVID-19 global pandemic had a life-changing impact on all of us in 2020, including a multi-faceted jolt on the physical security industry. With the benefit of hindsight, we can now see more clearly the exact nature and extent of that impact. And it’s not over yet: The pandemic will continue to be top-of-mind in 2021. We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: What have been the positive and negative effects of Covid-19 on the physical security industry in 2020? What impact will it have on 2021?

The most positive effect of COVID-19 on our industry has been the opportunity for innovation around making facilities healthier and more secure as companies plan their return-to-office procedures. Features such as mobile credentials, touchless badge distribution, and contactless entry are taking center stage and being adopted by more customers. And with this technology, we are able to provide additional data about how spaces are used, how many people are in a space at any given time and even limiting access based on occupancy or self-reported health status. The negative effects of the pandemic are losing the ability to gather at trade shows and meet face-to-face, but technologies like Zoom have helped to keep us connected despite more physical distance.  

Rob Brooks
Safetrust Inc.

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