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Pierre Bourgeix, MS, MA, MBA, CPP, CTO
Founder, ESI Convergent, LLC

Lee Odess, CEO
Group337, LLC

Jason Hart
Founder, Safetrust

Stu Foote
Senior Product Manager
GAI-TRONICS – A Hubbell Company

Steve Lasky   
Editorial Director

There are myriad options available to physical security and facility managers when it comes to selecting an access control solution to address an organization’s threat level and its corporate culture needs. Yet there is no one-size-fits-all approach to technology. From the desire to create a hands-free workplace that eliminates community touchpoints to a unified communications framework that integrates with access control, visitor management and mobile options, the security paradigm is evolving. The number one objective when initiating an access control strategy is understanding access control credentialing technologies that include proximity cards, smart cards, multi-tech cards, and QR codes, as well as Bluetooth and biometrics of all types. And with the existing COVID-19 concerns, organizations also need to consider speed of throughput, in addition to security and safety. 

Join our experts and solutions providers as they walk you through the process of addressing today’s changing access control landscape. We will discuss:

•Why risk assessment is critical to the design process;
•How advanced Bluetooth solutions and the ever-increasing universe of mobile access control apps can fit a solution;
•Where and how to begin implementing technology that minimizes face-to-face communication;
•And, how to establish trusted access control systems that can safeguard physical and digital environments.