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Editor Introduction

The intersection of consumer electronics and the physical security marketplace is a fertile sector for growth and innovation. Consumers increasingly have the same high expectations for the operation of their workplace technologies as they are accustomed to in the digital world at large.

We asked this week’s Expert Panel Roundtable: How do developments in personal electronics impact customer expectations in the physical security market?

Three things quickly come to my mind. They are:

Feature upgrades or bug fixes come quickly and easily over the air. Just a couple of clicks and you have the latest advances, functions, features, and security.

These devices communicate with each other and other control devices using standards like BLE or WiFi, making setup and operations super simple.

Edge devices continually get less expensive, smarter, and more feature-rich. Who wants a watch anymore that just tells the time?

Smart security managers recognize these trends and choose systems and devices that can deliver intelligent services and communications at the edge. They refuse to spend another dollar of their valuable budget on the archaic paradigm of having dumb edge devices connecting to a panel that simply locks you into a single manufacturer.

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