A global real estate firm, with thousands of people moving in and out of their New York lobby per day, recognized a need to simplify their cross-tenant access management and make turnstile access faster and more secure for occupants. In an initiative led by their Senior VP of Security, they sought a mobile access solution to address the following challenges:


  • Securing a rapidly-expanding workforce all over the globe while embracing the individual access needs of tenants 
  • Consolidation of multiple credentials allowing tenants to access multiple buildings with a single identity 
  • Ongoing cost of managing and distributing access cards is both expensive and time-consuming

Solution Criteria:

  • Integration with their existing tenant engagement app which provides site-specific information and services to tenant management and staff
  • Fast, seamless access through turnstiles with minimal interruption for the user
  • Support for multiple credential formats
  • Easy to implement, maintain, and manage at scale 

The Solution: 

  • Wavelynx Reader with Embedded Safetrust Firmware
  • Safetrust Wallet SDK
  • Connectors for Multiple Physical Access Control Systems 

The Results: 

With Safetrust, tenants across multiple buildings in New York are now able to gain access through the main lobby turnstiles using their mobile device. The company’s existing tenant engagement platform was extended to include the Safetrust Wallet SDK which allows tenants to seamlessly access their workplace through a single app. The Safetrust Wallet supports unlimited credentials and credential formats meaning tenants can store their access card for their general building and for their personal office in the one device. Safetrust eliminates the need for the firm’s tenants to carry around multiple access cards that are easily compromised and inconvenient for the user. 

Our app helps tenants optimize their workday and connect to content and communities in and around their building. Embedding the Wallet SDK allows us to further improve the tenant experience in the same platform by supporting turnstile access with a mobile device.

Safetrust sensors were deployed to control the directionality of the Bluetooth signal at each access point, providing a greater level of accuracy, speed and convenience for the many thousands of tenants moving through the turnstiles each day. By extending and repurposing their existing infrastructure for Touchless Access, the firm was able to maintain their prior investment in physical security and save significant time and money.   

The firm’s various New York properties each operate with a different physical access control system and set of credentials. The firm sought to consolidate the management of each of their sites which Safetrust was able to do by deploying connectors to each system, allowing user credentials to be managed within a single platform.

Customer Profile

A leading multinational real estate firm headquartered in New York, managing multi-tenant commercial real estate space globally.

Industry: Commercial Real Estate
Size: 10 + Buildings
Users: 120,000+

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