On December 4th, 2020, HID Global’s product marketing team published a customer advisory stating that the use of the Safetrust Module would void HID’s lifetime reader warranty. Safetrust is unaware of any technical foundation for this position.  

In February 2020, Safetrust announced that it would honor a like-for-like warranty replacement of any reader used with Safetrust, especially when HID Global refuses to honor its own lifetime warranty. The industry is evolving and customers are demanding upgradability, interoperability and choice — the strength of the Safetrust solutions. 

The Safetrust Module has disrupted the HID iCLASS® reader marketplace by providing many iCLASS customers with a choice to leverage their existing reader investment while migrating to new secure DESFire and mobile credential technology. An upgrade avoids the time and cost of installing expensive new readers — that often have less functionality — and at a fraction of the time it takes to deploy any other solution.  

The Safetrust Module is a simple, FCC-approved plug-in that was independently developed to upgrade HID iCLASS® readers. The module adds powerful features such as customer-owned DESFire EV3 and mobile credentials, contact tracing and WiFi configuration management — eliminating the need to revisit the readers onsite. 

Safetrust extends a customer’s investment of their HID iCLASS® readers and eliminates the need to replace them when migrating from insecure proprietary credentials like prox and iCLASS® to the lower-cost and common criteria-certified DESFire credentials.

If you have questions about Safetrust’s “Lifetime Means a Lifetime” warranty program, please feel free to contact us

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