We are thrilled to announce an advanced feature to Credential Manager: Legacy Credential Fraud Detection. This feature targets the detection of cloned or minted legacy credentials, significantly boosting security while maintaining user convenience.

This first-of-its-kind technology uses radio fingerprint technology, included in our latest firmware release, to take an RF fingerprint of the credential. Essentially, it captures the unique electromagnetic “signature” that every credential emits. By doing so, it can identify and flag any anomalies compared to past credentials, offering protection against fraudulent activity.

Our Legacy Credential Fraud Detection primarily targets ISO14443A and ISO15693-based credentials. These are the two most commonly used credentialing standards globally, meaning that our technology will provide an extra layer of security to many systems.

An important aspect of this feature is generating a new security event each time an anomaly is detected. This security event is time-stamped, allowing your organization to conduct thorough investigations into potential breaches. While this release does not deny access to credentials with invalid signatures, it flags them immediately, providing an efficient alert system that enables you to address security concerns quickly and effectively.

Implementing this feature does not require any additional hardware or significant system changes. The new feature is integrated seamlessly into our existing Credential Manager, making enhancing your security easy without disrupting user experiences.

Our Legacy Credential Fraud Detection underlines Safetrust’s commitment to pioneering innovative security solutions. Our goal is to continually anticipate potential risks and develop countermeasures to safeguard your system. As digital credentials continue to evolve, so do the techniques used by fraudsters. Hence, our top priority is keeping pace with these advancements and providing our customers with resilient and forward-thinking security measures.

We invite you to explore this new feature and experience the enhanced security it brings. For more information on Legacy Credential Fraud Detection and how it can improve your system’s security, feel free to contact us.

We look forward to continuing to provide you with the industry’s most secure, cutting-edge, and user-friendly solutions.

Stay secure with Safetrust. 


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