Safetrust introduces a seamless solution for provisioning employee and visitor badges directly into Apple Wallet. Without downloading an application, this innovative approach marks a significant leap forward in access control technology. This innovative app-free approach ensures a seamless experience for people requiring access to buildings or enterprise IT systems, whether visitors, contractors, or employees. The era of cumbersome app downloads and complex credential provisioning processes is now a thing of the past. 

The Challenge of Traditional Access Control

Traditionally, granting access credentials for buildings or enterprise IT systems involved downloading multiple applications onto personal devices, a practice that often led to user frustration and increased complexity.

Enter Over-the-Air Web Provisioning to Apple Wallet with Safetrust

Safetrust’s solution overcomes this barrier by enabling the direct delivery of physical access credentials into Apple Wallet via simple email links or text messages. This streamlined process ensures a frictionless experience for individuals requiring access, whether employees, contractors, or visitors.

Empowering Capabilities

  • Over-the-Air Provisioning: Instant deployment via text message or web link.
  • Direct Integration with Apple Wallet: Secure issuance directly into Apple Wallet.
  • Full Support for Customer Keys: Compatibility with DESFire readers and open data models.
  • Compatibility with Multiple Hardware Readers: Support for customer-owned keys enables integration with various vendors’ hardware readers.
  • Flexible Credential Options: Full-time and time-limited credentials for visitors and contractors.
  • Enterprise Login with FIDO2 Credentials: Secure access to enterprise systems using FIDO2 authentication.
  • Access Control List on Card: Granular control over access permissions directly on the card.

The Impact on User Experience and Cost

By eliminating the necessity for mobile applications, Safetrust simplifies the user experience and significantly reduces the associated costs for organizations. The solution bypasses the expenses related to developing, maintaining, and certifying new applications for credential provisioning.

Enhanced Security Measures

Adding employee and visitor badges to Apple Wallet ensures they maintain the highest security and policy compliance levels. These credentials boast features such as support for biometric authentication via Face ID and Touch ID, utilization of the Apple Secure Element even in low-power situations, remote revocation capabilities, and compatibility with external biometric-on-card solutions.

Apple Access Webinar

For more information, visit and join us for an informative webinar on Thursday, May 16, 2024. Safetrust will showcase how employee and visitor badges are directly provisioned into Apple Wallet through email or text, eliminating the app download requirement.


In an age where convenience and security are paramount, Safetrust’s integration with Apple Wallet marks the dawn of a new era in access control. By simplifying the process and enhancing security measures, Safetrust empowers organizations to confidently embrace mobile credentials. Say goodbye to app fatigue and hello to a future where access control is seamless and hassle-free.