Important Update:

Safetrust is dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions to our customers.  

As part of our commitment to constantly improve our product offering and make the transition to more secure, future-proof and touchless access, we are announcing an End of Life date for our SABRE Decal. We have since come out with the SABRE Module, which encapsulates the features of the SABRE Decal and more, and is equally simple and cost-effective to install. Due to the demand we are seeing around our SABRE Module over the last few years, we see no need to continue the sale of our SABRE Decal. 

All other Safetrust products are unaffected by this announcement and will continue to be available.

Discontinued product information:

  • Name: SABRE Decal 
  • Part Number: 8810-000

Timeline for discontinued product:

  • End of Sales Date: April 1, 2022
  • Final Scheduled Ship Date: April 30, 2022
  • End of Life Date: April 30, 2022

*As we near the “End of Sales Date,” products will be available while supplies last. Stock will be limited and subject to availability. 

**Even after the “End of Life Date,” the 2 year (limited warranty) will continue to apply for the SABRE Decal.

If you have further questions about this end of sales announcement or your alternatives to the SABRE Decal product, please reach out to your local Safetrust sales representative. 

Thank you for your continued business and interest in Safetrust products, solutions and services.