Credential Manager
Cloud based portal for all of your digital credentials 

Safetrust’s Credential Manager is a feature-rich portal used for registering users and activating devices for use within your environment. It is also used for assigning virtual credentials, over-the-air to mobile devices and activating controls (rules) around the use of those credentials. The Credential Manager can accept data from a third party trusted source, such as a Physical Access Control System, Identity Management System or HR System. The Credential Manager can be used to monitor virtual credential usage, and where required can also be configured to send event-based information to supported third-party analytics engines.


Create Multiple Identity Systems for different physical locations and 

logical assets. 

Create or import your users within the Credential Manager and assign virtual credentials with appropriate controls in the required Identity Systems.

Register and manage SABREs against explicit Identity Systems.

Report against event based transactions. Pipe via API to an analytics engine, such and Splunk or MicroStrategy.