Arming your team members with a keyless office entry system does more than eliminate keys - it builds a vibrant office culture. Virtual credentials such as building access cards, corporate identities, club memberships or payment cards, can be securely stored in your Safetrust Wallet, allowing you can carry your credentials with you everywhere you go.

Manage Users

Virtual credentials can be issued or revoked in real time to mobile devices, providing rapid deployment for all users, including those in remote locations. 

Share time restricted access, self-expiring access rights sent to your phone, separate management from regular employees via visitor group. 

Flexible user deployment

The Safetrust Wallet can be downloaded from the App Store for iOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices. 

Alternatively, Safetrust supports customers who wish to deploy to their users using their existing Mobile Device Manager (MDM).

Unlocking the door with the phone
Credential Security

The Safetrust Wallet uses public key infrastructure (PKI), backed by hardware security modules (HSM's), and device-based TPM security to ensure your virtual credentials are kept secure at all times. Additional controls placed over each virtual credential ensures granular access, based on the time of day, date, geographic location and forced re-authentication using a local biometric or PIN.