Open doors with SafeAccess and see where mobility can take you

SafeAccess from Safetrust, is a secure, trusted identity solution which enables building access cards to be stored and used virtually from your mobile device. The solution supports a large range of connected and disconnected systems including those used for building access, car park entry/exit and stand-alone entry/lock systems. Safetrust provides customers with choice when it comes to supported hardware and deployment strategies. Options include the SABRE DECAL which requires zero change to an existing infrastructure, the SABRE INLINE/RELAY which are designed to augment your existing infrastructure, and the more ruggedised reader replacements provided by our technology partners.


Deploying SafeAccess today allows Administrators to better understand when a credential is being used, where a credential is being used and who is using that credential. 


Key Features

Whether consolidating multiple credentials, simplifying access in a multi-tenant building, or as a secondary credential within a university environment, SafeAccess is the simple, cost effective solution of choice for mobile access.

Credential Consolidation 

With SafeAccess, there is no need to have a seperate card credential issued for each location you may need to visit. Multiple virtual credentials can now be issued to a single Wallet to replace the many cards a person may have for their different access systems.


SafeAccess technology is compatible with most building access systems on the market today, from the legacy 125kHz Proximity based systems, through to the more secure 13.56MHz  MIFARE / DesFire Ev1 systems. SafeAccess can also be integrated with highly secure systems such as those that support the Protocol for Lightweight Authentication of Identity (PLAID) or Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Cardholder Authentication.  

Your data is yours
Increased Security

SafeAccess allows Administrators to quickly and easily increase their security by replacing card based credentials, that are easily stiffed or duplicated, with virtual credentials stored securely within a mobile device.

Lifecycle Management

With SafeAccess, virtual credentials can be quickly issued, suspended or revoked with the click of a button. Virtual credentials can easily be replaced or updated without impacting end users, providing increased flexibility for Administrators wanting to issue short and long term credentials.

Your data is protected at all times, whether in transit or at rest between Safetrust's Credential Manager, your mobile device and the SABRE readers.