COLORADO – March 05, 2018 –  WaveLynx Technologies, a developer of customizable physical security readers and credentialing, today announced a strategic partnership with Safetrust, a developer of IoT-enabled mobile credentials for buildings and information systems. Safetrust’s advanced mobile solution and identity management platform along with WaveLynx’s highly secure, flexible access control hardware solutions are now fully merged into a complete mobile security platform. Safetrust’s mobile credentials will be natively integrated with WaveLynx’s line of access readers, allowing already- established Safetrust credentials to be securely communicated via WaveLynx’s Bluetooth® readers. The partnership is designed to offer the market an end-to-end solution that enables a seamless transition from traditional proximity cards to the future of smart credentials.

WaveLynx readers have the ability to read multiple credential technologies, enabling customers to gradually transition from proximity cards to a more secure credential technology, such as MIFARE® DESFire® smart cards or Bluetooth mobile credentials. WaveLynx wall mount readers are compatible with virtually every access control system on the market, offering the latest security and convenience through its OSDP Autodetect feature that enables a seamless transition from non- encrypted Wiegand protocol to the OSDP secure-channel protocol. In partnership with Safetrust, the door access readers are 100% compatible with an enterprise-level, cloud-hosted Bluetooth credential- and identity-management application available on iOS and Android devices.

Safetrust provides the highest levels of certificate authentication found in a mobile application, adhering to AES and NIST encryption and identity standards. By incorporating the physical attributes of a “badge” into the mobile application, Safetrust credentials enable mobile identity management that allows authorized personnel to identify individuals within range through a visual ID on their mobile device. These credentials bridge the gap between physical and logical access, making it possible for the same mobile device that works with WaveLynx wall mount door readers for facility access to work with USB devices for computer data access, printer access and digital document signing.

“The WaveLynx approach to openness and adherence to industry protocols has made the native integration with Safetrust an easy transition,” says Jason Hart, CEO of Safetrust, located in Fremont, CA. “This integration enables customers to deploy an upgradeable and manageable high- performance door reader for fast and seamless mobile building access, while producing additional IoT business intelligence. With over-the-air and over-the-wire upgrade capabilities, the WaveLynx readers can be updated to include new standard mobile, identity and IoT protocols as they evolve. WaveLynx develops hardware and we develop software- it’s a perfect fit.”

“Together, Safetrust and WaveLynx are bringing a ‘best of breed’ software and hardware solution for mobile facility access to the market,” says Hugo Wendling, President of WaveLynx Technologies. “In my opinion, Safetrust is lightyears ahead of the competition with regards to Bluetooth identity and credential solutions. We are fortunate to have formed such a great business relationship with Safetrust that complements and supports our WaveLynx products.”

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